10K Laser Coaching Programme by Connie Ragen Green – A Review

Review Image TemplateThis is a review for the 10K Laser Coaching Programme presented by Connie Ragen Green.

I decided to sign up to this programme because I wanted to see if it was possible to improve my internet marketing earnings by learning lessons from an experienced marketer but without the huge expense of a personal coach.

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Who is Connie Ragen Green?
Connie Ragen-GreenConnie is an author, speaker and marketing mentor, with a thriving online business. Previous careers included working as a teacher for both adults and children and in the world real estate.

Since 2006, when she entered the world of online marketing, Connie has published several books, created several information products and has lots of different online marketing courses for sale. She has mentored students on a one to one basis and created the 10K Laser Coaching course in order to help even more people create their own online success.

What is the 10K Laser Coaching Programme?
Nuts and BoltsThis is a coaching programme where Connie works with an individual, providing them with support, guidance and suggestions on how to proceed with their online business. The ultimate aim is for the student to reach earnings of $10,000 per month, hence the name of the programme.

Once you sign up as a 10K Laser Coaching participant, you are given access to the telephone calls and webinars that Connie has with her student. You can watch as the students work is critiqued and evaluated. The value is that you can take notes on what the student is doing and you can carry out the very same tasks that Connie sets. You can also learn from the mistakes and ensure that you don’t do them yourself.

The coaching sessions and calls take place once or twice a month and they last about 60-80 minutes each. Each one is then saved and you can go back and watch them at your leisure as you have life time access to the videos and audios.

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The Benefits of Signing Up To This Programme
Why I Like ThisThe major benefit of signing up to the 10K Laser Coaching Programme is the fact that you are getting information, suggestions and guidance from an experienced online marketer, without the heavy cost of one to one coaching. If you are at the beginning of your online journey, it can be difficult to stay focussed on the important tasks, tasks that will help you to make money.

Watching Connie put a student through their paces, you will learn what areas of your business you need to concentrate on and what things you need to stop doing because they are time wasting activities with very little monetary gain.

How Much Does the 10K Laser Coaching Programme Cost?
In order to watch and listen in on the coaching lessons, the cost is a one time fee of $97. Once you pay, you receive login details for the membership site.

This is where you have instant access to all the phone calls and webinars from, not only the current coaching programme, but also the sessions from the previous students that Connie coached to success.

You also have a lifetime membership to the course. This means that you will have access to any and all future student coaching sessions at no extra cost.

Previous Coaching Sessions & One Off Business Critiques
The two previous students, Helen Rappy and Geoff Hoff both went through the programme. I have still to watch their complete coaching sessions but I did watch a catch up session that Connie and Helen had. Helen was over the moon to have reached the goal of earning $10,000 and she explained how she achieved this, how much she valued the coaching and mentoring sessions and how she wanted to progress in her business. Now this catch up session was in 2011. Just imagine how much she is making now, in 2013???

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One-Off Business Critiques – Connie’s Protégés
Ms Adrienne DupreeI am not sure how often this occurs, but Connie provides a critiquing session for people on her list. This is when someone gets the opportunity to talk about their business, where they are with it and what type of online success they hope to achieve.

Connie then gives them advice on what they should work on, where they could improve and how they should re-focus their energy so that they can make positive progress with their business.

This is another opportunity to learn and to take action as you listen in and what has been suggested for others. You can take notes and implement these ideas for your own online business.

My Thoughts on This Programme
I signed up to this programme in July 2013. This year Connie is coaching a student called Adrienne Dupree. She actually had a one off critique and has progressed to fully fledged student status. From watching the first few sessions I have already been able to take action on several of the suggestions that Connie has made to Adrienne.

We All Make The Same Mistake – Focusing on The Wrong Things
To Much to DoSo far, one of the most valuable lessons that I have gained through watching Adrienne on her journey is the fact that we all seem to make the same common mistakes.

  • We spend too much time reading about how to do things, instead of getting on and doing them.
  • We spend too much time on non-essential tasks, like making a website look pretty, instead of just putting it up and working on getting traffic to it.
  • We spend too much time thinking and not taking action.

I know that these points are definitely true for me and I hope to be able to decrease my procrastination so that I can take action, get things done and make a nice living from my online activities. Hurrah!

Should You Sign Up To The 10K Laser Coaching Programme?
I would definitely recommend this programme. For a one time fee of $97, this is a great investment for your online business and development.

If you can not afford one to one coaching, the next best thing is to get access to someone else’s coaching sessions. Then you can take action in your own business by watching and learning from others.

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10K Laser Coaching Programme – My Progress Report
I will write an update post on this course to share with you what I have gained from it. If you are interested then sign up to my mailing list and I will be able to let you know when that post is ready. I am very excited about working my way towards $10,000 per month. Why don’t you join me and we can compare notes :)

Have Your Say: Have you signed up for the 10K Laser Coaching Programme? Do you think such a course is worthwhile? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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