3 Ways to Make Visitors to Your Blog Smile and Connect with You

How are You Doing Today?My Cloche Hat

One of the best ways to really connect with your audience is to show people who come to your blog that there is a real life person behind the words on the page.

Hopefully you have already added an image of yourself on your About Me Page. You may have even added a photo to the header of your website and included your photo in your gravatar for when you respond to comments on your blog. This is all good stuff.

However, there are still some juicy things you could do, that you may not have tried yet. I have done them all and guess what? I survived. Read on to find out how easy it is to show the real you.

1) Add a Few Photos of You
As well as the photo of yourself in your header, and on the About Me page, you should consider adding a few more images that help to convey the theme of your blog and of your personality.

If your site is about pets, then add pictures of yourself with your animals. If you are creating a weight loss blog, add pictures of yourself as you record the changes that your healthy lifestyle has made to your look. Pictures with people in them are always more interesting that landscapes or monuments.

The Payoff
Your audience will feel like they are getting to know the real you as you show them snippets of your life through your photos. This is still a new thing for me so I think I have only included a couple of different photos in one other blog post so far. This is when I wanted to share the new hat that I bought. Don’t I look ever so chic up there in my new hat? :)

Your Turn
It doesn’t even matter what type of pictures you share. This idea works particularly well during major holiday events where most people produce a fantastic collection of happy smily pictures. It’s going to be Easter soon. Will you be enjoying Easter eggs with the family? Surely someone will be taking photos so consider adding them to a relevant blog post.

2) Create a Short Video Starring You!Video Camera
Now Tiffany Dow initiated a 30 Day Vlogging Challenge where participants were tasked with uploading 30 days worth of videos. For some people this is nothing, very easy and a quick and simple task.

For others, like me,ย  it took a while for me to get comfortable in front of the camera, talking to the small peephole thing at the top of my laptop.

The Payoff
I got so many lovely comments and compliments from people who visited the blog. This actually initiated the first increase in traffic levels. By day 30, I was estatic to have reached the end. If you haven’t seen the video, here take a look.

Your Turn
You are in the comfort of your own home. You are in a room with no-one around. Just press that record button on your laptop or on your mobile phone and all you have to do is introduce yourself, tell us the name of your website and what it is about. You could also include which country you are from because I am always fascinated by the different accents and climates of different places.

The first video can be less than a minute โ€“ 30 seconds would do. Then upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.

3) Create an Audio PodcastRecord an Audio Podcast
If you are too shy to sit in front of the camera, then why not make an audio recording. Bonnie Gean provides an excellent tutorial on how to make a podcast. Alternatively you could create a slideshow video and do a voiceover that way instead.

The Payoff
Your audience would get to hear your voice and be able to envision the personality behind the words on your blog posts. Below is my first attempts at creating a podcast.

And the direct link: My First Podcast

Your Turn
So, decide whether to make an audio podcast or a voiceover video. If you want, you could write a short prepared script and read that, though speaking off the cuff is much more natural and pleasing to the ear.

Now It’s Up To You
These 3 simple suggestions are really easy to implement and are completely free to do. All you have to do is take a deep breath, speak into the camera, press record or upload your images. Surely you can manage at least one of those. What do you think?

Have Your Say: Have you already added one of these things to your blog posts? What reaction did you get? Let me know in the comments below.

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