90 Day Product Creation Challenge – Summary of Events

The 90 Day Product Creation Challenge - SummaryI have signed up to take part in  a 90 Day Product Creation Challenge. It started on Monday 13th May 2013.

Co-hosted by two lovely ladies, Tiffany Dow and Bonnie Gean, the aim of the challenge is to research, create and market a brand new product over the 90 day period. The product can be anything – an ebook, a kindle book, a video series, a tutorial, a new website, anything at all.

The Rules
There are no strict rules or regulations for this challenge and people can jump in at any time. The primary aim is to get the community to commit do working on something that you have created and where you can get regular feedback and motivation from people who are doing a similar thing.

I decided to set up a page here where I could put all my links to the challenge in one place for ease and efficiency.


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