90 Day Product Creation Challenge – Week Five – Creating The Product

90 Day Product Creation Challenge - Week FiveWe are now in Week Five of the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge and this week I am moving onto the actual product creation section of the challenge.

The excitement of working on the components of the course is mixed with some feelings of uncertainty, worry and fear of failure.

I have a feeling that lots of product creators go through these emotions, especially when it is their very first product.

What I Didn’t Get Done Last Week
Create a Facebook FanpageI took a look at the schedule I wrote to help me with this product creation challenge. On last week’s To Do List, I had mentioned that I wanted to create my Facebook Fan page for the product.

Well, this was not possible because I did not have a name for the product. I still do not have a name for the product.

The Facebook fan page task will now be pushed back towards the end of the challenge when I have more specific product details to work with.

The good thing with writing out a schedule is that you know exactly where you are. You are able to rearrange tasks when necessary. You also know where there is space in your plan to include additional tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Time To Start Creating The Product
There is so much to doThis week on the To Do List, I have written Create Email Course. I have given myself 3-4 weeks to complete this task.

At the moment, I am not sure whether this will be an email course or if I will offer the complete thing at one time. I will figure that out further down the road.

Looking at that one sentence “Create Email Course” is sending me into panic mode.

A sense of procrastination is lurking just around the corner. In order to combat this, I have to break this task down into bite size manageable chunks.

Tasks that I can divide up over the days that I wish to work. For me this is on the week days. I prefer to do other stuff on the weekends.

My product is a 30 day course. That means that each day will have an actionable task for the user / purchaser. I need to sort out what the tasks will be for each day and figure out how many different components each task should consists of.

Is My Product Going To Be Any Good?
Will You Like My ProductI mentioned at the beginning of this post that those feelings of uncertainty are returning. What if no one likes my product? What if people think it’s inferior? What if people think it is a stupid idea?

I have to work hard to banish these thoughts from my brain so that I can get on with the task ahead of me.

Yes, there is a possibility that this product will not do well but the only way I will find this out is if I complete the process, offer the product to the world and see what happens.

Who knows, people might actually like what I have done. They might take a chance, hit the Buy Button and find that this product has been interesting, helpful and fun.

What’s On This Week’s Agenda?
Whats on The AgendaSo, back to work. I have written out a list of possible daily tasks for the course. I will take the best ideas and expand on them.

I have already drafted 3 tutorials and have 2 more planned for the rest of the week.

At the moment I am just writing, writing, writing. Then I will return and start editing and putting everything in the proper order, adding a little here, removing a little there.

A little bit each day and the course will be done before I know it. Hurrah! :)

Have Your Say: How are you doing today? How are you feeling about your product? Have you battled with feelings of uncertainty and insecurity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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