90 Day Product Creation Challenge – Week Six – Time To Go Shopping

90 Day Product Creation Challenge - Week SixWe are in Week Six of the 90 Day Production Creation Challenge. As I check this week’s schedule, I see that my task is to continue working on 5 days worth of content.

I am creating a 30 day course and I have already worked out 8 days of this course. I have a list of topics to write about and I just pick and choose on a daily basis what I feel like writing about.

These tasks or articles are not very long, around 200 – 300 words. They could end up longer but the writing is still in draft form so I know that I have a bit of editing to do. This method works for me because it is much easier to go back and perfect something that has already been started than to try and make it perfect first time round.

My Online Shopping Spree – Getting The Technical Equipment in Place
Now that I have settled into a routine of how I want to work on my product, I thought it was a good idea to start looking at the technical aspects for my product.

I Have Purchased The Domain Name for The Product
On Sunday, I went on a crazy domain buying frenzy. I was trying to work out a good name for my product. I considered a few keyword rich titles, took a look at what results came up on the Google keyword tool and also took a look at the results from Ubersuggest.org.

I headed over to Godaddy, where they had a few special promo codes. My domain ended up costing around $4.00.  I went back a day later and picked up 2 more for around $2 each.  Nice.

I Have Purchased A Sales Page Plugin for The Sales Page
Paper Template - Easy To Make Sales PagesI wasn’t sure what type of sales page I wanted to use. I looked at a few options and decided that I wanted to keep this nice and simple.

I came across a product called Paper Template, which works with wordpress. All you do is upload the plugin, and make the necessary changes so that you get the type of sales page, landing page, or confirmation page that you would like.

The best part is that it only cost $7. The deal allows me to use this plugin on up to 5 different websites. If all goes well, I will upgrade to the unlimited option, which will cost $47.

Once I get this plugin up and running, I will write a proper review to let you know more. If you have already heard about it, let me know.

I Have Already Purchased The Email Delivery System
I know that some of this course will be set up on as an autoresponder series. I will be using Aweber to deliver these emails.

I haven’t set up a series of pre-written emails before so this will be something new that I will be learning. It looks like it should be straight forward but we shall see.

In Closing
The work on this project to motoring along quite nicely. I can’t wait to start having a little play with the new sales page plugin and getting my website online. This will make this project something that is real and not just a few written pages on my little netbook. Exciting :)

Have Your Say: How are your plans going for your product? Are you feeling good about your progress? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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