A Fresh 30 Day Challenge – All About Blogging

Time To Get My Blogging On!

Tiffany Dow, a prolific writer and online money making demon, has come up with a brand new online writing challenge.

She has called it the Get Your Ass into Gear Challenge (Don’t cha just love it when a person says what they really mean? lol).

In fact Ms T has offered people the option of doing one, two or three tasks per day for the next 30 days.

Option 1 – Write a blog post every day
Option 2 – Write a squidoo article every day
Option 3 – Write a PLR article every day

As a serial procrastinator, I have decided to definitely commit myself to only one of the tasks  – option 1 – write a blog post every day.  This is in the hope that I will be able to stay motivated and stay the course for the entire 30 days.

I am very excited about the prospect of creating a fresh blog post every day and hope that this will help to uncover the natural direction for this blog as I am still unclear as to what I hope to offer others who happen upon these pages.

I always enjoy reading Tiffany’s blog and so I look forward to connecting with other 30 Day Challengers and reading their posts.

Good luck to everyone and let the 30 Day Challenge commence!

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