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For those who would like to see the face behind the website – Here I am! – (I’m the one on the right – lol)

I am Victoria (aka Tiptopcat – my username here, there and everywhere).  I was born in London, England and my parents are from Jamaica. That makes me a proud Black British gal who enjoys a full English breakfast as well as traditional Jamaican saltfish and plantain.

I currently live in London but dream of making enough money online so that I can go off travelling at some point. I have had a variety of jobs, studied German, did a bit of acting, and learned some Spanish.  My hope is to spend a few months in Latin America, specifically Cuba to improve my language skills and indulge in a spot of spicy Salsa dancing.

How I Started Writing Online

I have been writing articles online since 2008.  It began as a hobby.  I started writing for websites like Hubpages and Infobarrel and progressed to creating my own collection of niche websites. I also write for an article selling website called The PLR Boutique.

I Invite You To Join Me On My Journey

I am a procrastinator, which I hope will change with the help of this blog.  I love life and I want to try and live it to the best of my abilities. That means doing the things that I want to do like singing and dancing, reading the books I love, watching the films I adore and travelling to far off places.

If these are the things that you would like to do in your own life then I hope to provide you with helpful information and also the motivation to just go for it.  We only have one life so we need to get on and live it.

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Oh – the website name – well I just couldn’t start off my day without a lovely cup of tea :)

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