Achieve Your Goals Successfully – How Fellow Procrastinators Can Help Each Other Out

The easy part of making New Years Resolutions or  goal setting is picking and choosing the types of things you want to add to your list.

For some this can also be the most fun because it doesn’t take much effort and you can pretty much write what you like then worry about how you are going to achieve them later on down the line.

One great way to ensure that you stay on point is to get support from others.  This can be from your family or friends or from an online community.

Support From Friends Can Help You Achieve Goals

A very good friend of mine reached out to me for support.  She wanted to create a simple website with WordPress in order to promote her jazz band but, just like me, she is a serial procrastinator.  We met up just after Christmas and she agreed that she would get on the case and get around to purchasing the domain and hosting for her website.

To make the commitment even clearer, she sent me an email stating that this task would be completed by Tuesday.  The act of publicly acknowledging the action she wanted to take spurred her on and she did exactly that.  I am so pleased for her.

We are now planning to set a monthly dinner date with a couple of other friends so what we can share our goals for the year and agree on the appropriate timeline to ensure we meet our targets.

Share Your Goals With Others

If you have set a few goals, or you are working on your New Years Resolutions, think about sharing your wishes with someone so that they become more than just words on a page.

Pick out a family member or good friend who you know will be supportive or look for bloggers who are doing the sort of thing that you wish to. Once you start looking, you will find that there is someone out in internet land writing a blog about almost every topic imaginable.

Start interacting with these blog owners by reading their posts and leaving comments. Some would even welcome an email if you can’t find the answer to what you are looking for from their posts. Sharing your aspirations makes them real and can give you the push you need to take action.

Have you shared your own hopes and dreams with others?  Do you think this is a helpful tactic? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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