Things I Achieved This Week

I thought that I would start listing the accomplishments that I have made on a weekly basis.

Thinking about the good things in your life is always a great motivator to try to do better each and every day. So here goes.

  • I wrote 5 articles each day in the past week for my money making sites
  • I watched a German film Die Welle and pleasantly surprised at how much German I could still remember.  I really need to practice more
  • I learned how to create a Facebook Fanpage thanks to Pat at The Smart Passive Income
  • I discovered a really interesting course about emailing blogging courtesy of Glen at Viperchill
  • I cut the grass in my garden ( I am definitely suffering now- oh my aching back and arms)

I hope to be able to keep updating my weekly accomplishments so that I can have a place to look back on all the good things that have happen for me.

Thanks for stopping by My Daily Cuppa.




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