An Overhaul of My Facebook Fanpage

Update your Facebook FanpageI have a Facebook Fan Page which currently has 17 fans. You can see the link in the sidebar widget of this blog.

I thought that it was about time to actually work on it so that it has a real purpose, otherwise I might as well go and shut it down.

I have not been a big Facebook user. In fact I don’t think I have added a new comment on my personal page for around a year. I poke my head in every so often to take a look at what friends have been up to but I quickly click out. This is partly down to laziness, partly down to the fact that I feel I don’t have anything of interest to share and partly down the fact that I don’t know what I am doing.

But I want to turn over a new leaf because Facebook can be a really good way to connect with like minded people and not just as a tool to snoop on old friends 😉

Facebook Can Help Build Your Online Community

I recently read an email where Jess Lively explained that your Facebook Fanpage should not be treated as an opportunity to sell, but as a way to build up an interactive community. I like that idea of getting to know people on that platform and exchanging tidbits of info. This can be on a personal level, on a business level, on a whatever you feel like level.

Another example of a great Facebook Fan Page is (Oh, I can’t find the link).  I discovered this woman after reading  the book The Happiness Project and headed over to that blog.  She posts a daily image with inspirational quotes. I love this idea because she gets to incorporate her passion for design with her passion for sharing uplifting messages. Wish I could link to her page. Darn it. :(

The Initial Work on My Facebook Page

So it is time to do a little work on my own Fanpage. Below is a list of the small changes I have made so far.

  • Added photo of me and removed MDC logo
  • Added simple background image which will change when I decide on branding
  • Liked some Facebook Fan Pages

My Facebook Page -March 2013

Click Here To See My Facebook Page in Real Life

Oops – Basic Schoolboy Error – Sorry

I have been asking people to like my page and I only realised while working on this that I hadn’t been doing the same.  Told you I don’t  know what I am doing when it comes to Facebook………

(Many thanks to David at Have Camera Will Travel for providing the dimensions needed for the images – (851px by 315 px – yeah, I Googled it lol)

This is Just The Beginning

As with everything this is a work in progress. Adding the banner took ages because I didn’t know what to use. I started off with a couple of pictures of me but didn’t like them so went with this banner thing.  It will do for now but it is only temporary.

At the moment, My blog posts get automatically posted and I will add a few extra things during the week.  I want to provide something of interest because Facebook is a great tool but it shouldn’t take over your whole life. That’s just my opinon.

So I hope you get a chance to take a look at my page, maybe even give it the Thumbs Up and leave a comment. :)


I hve made amendments to the cover image. I have made the text smaller and added colour to the background.  Still messing about with colours and stuff but I hope that the text is small enough now.  This will do for now.

Have Your Say: Do you have a Facebook Fanpage and are you tending to it? Do you feel that it is of benefit to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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