An Overhaul of My Twitter Schmitter Account Thing

Is it time to update your Twitter AccountI have a Twitter account. At the moment I send automatic tweets whenever I have published a new blog and I have used the account to send automated tweets from my new Squidoo lenses and Pinterest.

The only other time I have really used it is when I am watching a television programme and I follow along with whatever hashtag comments are being made.

I love that because it is like being in a room with people who are doing and saying the same thing as you are – shouting at the TV, admiring and complimenting particular performances and then ridiculing others.

This is particularly fun when watching reality shows like The X Factor, American Idol or The Voice.

Anyway, I know that there are better ways to use Twitter and so I want to figure that all out.

The first thing I need to do is to clean house. This means unfollowing all those people with whom I have nothing in common. I want to be following people who are either in my niche or who represent the sort of things that are of interest to me. Doing this will naturally make me want to engage with the people sending tweets because I will either know them or get to know who they are.

So Here is a Brief To Do List

  • Unfollow the unecessary
  • Adde background header to Twitter profile
  • Follow those bloggers I read

Unfollow The UnneccesaryFarewell Unnecessary Tweeters
I started out following 778 people and went through the whole list. I am now following 135.

There were quite a few on the list who hadn’t tweeted in over a year and lots more who I had no interest in so they were easy to remove.

Added Background Header
The measurements that are on the Twitter page seem far too big. Googled for a suggestion and found that header pictures are resized to 502px X 260px. I added an extra 10px on each and uploaded the image.

Click Here to Check Out My Twitter Page


The colour is all wrong. You can’t read the white text against the white background so it is back to the drawing board at some point. I need a more interesting banner anyway.

Yeah – I Like To Give Things a Go Then Evaluate and Make Amendments

I think you may have realised by now that I am the type of person who has to do something to see how it turns out.  Then I go back and make adjustments and amendments.

If I don’t things this way, everything stays in DRAFT MODE and never sees the light of day.  This goes for online stuff and offline stuff too. That’s just the way I roll :)

Follow Those Bloggers I ReadHello Interesting Tweeters
I checked out the list of blogs that I read and those whose list I am subscribed to. I am going to  visit each blog and click on the follow me button.

Other stuff that I would like to do is to use Hootsuite.  This is a software programme where you can schedule your tweets and posts to Facebook and other social media platforms.

I want to go through some past posts of people taking part in the 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge and go give them some tweet love.  This is the perfect task for when I am at the real world job (shh, don’t tell anyone.)

Any helpful hints and tips will always be greatfully appreciated.

Have Your Say: Are you an avid Twitter user? Any benefits or further insights you can share? Let me know in the comments below.

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