Backlinks Lead To Better Google Rankings

During my online research I learned that the more backlinks a site has the more chances the site has of getting on the front page of Google. The quality of the site you link to is very important and, if I have understood this correctly, should have a page ranking of at least 6 (1 being the weakest – 10 being the strongest) in order to be of help.

Today I created a backlink to my niche site using At the moment has a page ranking of 6. It took a little while to actually figure out how to get the different modules to work on the site but finally managed to add my article, a random photo and used to decide on a keyword phrase to come up with a name for the site.

According to my chosen keyword is searched over 1000 times a day. If that is true, then I will most probably not get to the first page of Google beacuse more experience internet marketers will be there but we shall see. Anyway the aim was to get a backlink to my original site, which I have now done.

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