Black People Can Cook? Lorraine Pascale Cookery Books

The latest cookery programme to grace our television screen is fronted by the beautiful Lorraine Pascale.  She used to be a really successful model, who left that career behind in order to find something longer lasting.  She found that she had a love of cooking and baking which resulted in her becoming a qualified chef.  She studied and worked hard and was eventually employed to work in some very prestigious kitchens in the UK.

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There are a lot of cookery and baking books that you could choose to buy but a wonderful example has been created by this black British woman and her second collection of recipes has recently hit the book shelves.

Her first book was called Baking Made Easy, which included the recipes that she presented in her television programme of the same name.  The second television series is called Home Cooking Made Easy, which also has a book of the same name to accompany it.

Positive Portrayal of A Successful Black Woman

It is always great to see black people on the television that can prove the point that a lot of hard work and dedication can lead to the career of your dreams.  Lorraine has opened a very successful cake shop in London’s Covent Garden called Ella’s Bakehouse, named after her daughter, and she is also studying part time in order to gain further qualifications in her field.

This is the second series of programmes that has been commissioned by the BBC and it doesn’t disappoint.  She has a really gentle and friendly way of talking about the recipes that excite her and the step by step instructions are interesting to watch.  There are lots of great ideas in the book and some of the recipes look easy enough that even a self confessed non-cook like myself could attempt one or two.

If you are looking for a fun and funky cookbook for a baking enthusiast then Lorraine’s books would make the perfect gift idea for any occasion.

Tell Me: Are you a keen cook?  Do you have a favourite celebrity chef?  Share your thoughts.

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