Blogging Challenge – Day 10

Back on Track & Searching for a New Challenge

I am happy to declare that I am writing this blog post on Day 10 of this 30 day blogging challenge.

I am all up to date and have a cheesy smug grin on my face as I congratulate myself with a nice glass of wine.

I am progressing well but need to set a new monthly challenge for myself.

Back to the challenge, here is the update.

Tasks Completed on Day Ten

  • Completed My Next Squidoo Lens
  • Caught Up On Blogging Posts

The Next Squidoo Lens

The next lens in this collection is all about Red Knee High Socks.  I love the idea of this lens because the weather is turning colder and so my boots will be getting a lot of wear.

A great way to change up the look is with brightly coloured socks and tights. I look forward to wearing this Christmas inspired footwear.

I hope online shoppers feel the same way to and buy items through my lens.

Daily Blog Posts Back Up To Date

I am working a lot of hours at ‘the job’, which means that I have a limited amount of time to get my online stuff done.  I want to successfully complete this challenge so have sacrificed my TV watching time in order to undertake the keyword research, lens creation and getting these blog posts written.

New Challenge for October

So September’s challenge was to write an ebook to give away as a freebie for subscribers. It is now in editing mode and should be available in a few days.

Setting myself the goal of getting the book done actually helped me to think about how to break the job down into bite size chunks. It was no longer daunting and it helped to curb my procrastination.

All I have to do now is to get to the finishing line with that one. I feel that I can say that I achieved the September goal because I actually did the work.

I now need a new goal for October. I am still trying to decide what it should be, whether it will be something personal, something to do with my online endeavours or dot, dot, dot……..

Will be back with something more concrete tomorrow, I hope.

A Quick Thanks To The Online Community

I just wanted to thank all those people who have visited my blog and my Squidoo lenses and have left comments and given it the thumbs up.  I am very grateful and this helps to motivate me with what I am doing.  I really enjoy the writing and look forward to interacting further with such a wonderful online community.

That’s it for today :)

Have Your Say: How are you doing with the 30 day challenge? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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