Blogging Challenge – Day 17

A Night at the Movies & a Squidoo Lens Update

I had the pleasure of going to the cinema with my sister.  We watched a film called Hit & Run, starring Dax Shepard,  Bradley Cooper and Kristen Bell.

It was an OK movie, which seemed more aimed for boys who love souped up cars and car chases. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

I had the day off from work so got my 30 Day Blogging Challenge tasks completed early. Here we go.

Tasks Completed on Day Seventeen

  • A Brand New Squidoo Lens
  • Edited My Next Children’s Book
  • Checked Out My Squidoo Rankings

The New Squidoo Lens

Today’s lens was a little research work for something that I am actually looking for. I need a Soup Flask to take to work so that I can have a hot lunch.

There isn’t a convenient kitchenette or a microwave so the choice is to either spend money everyday at the expensive food outlets or prepare my own homemade meals.

Let me know what you think about the topic.

Edit ed My Next Children’s Book

The new book has been proof-read and I have added all the extra fluff such as the title page, the feedback and contact links as well as a list of my other books.

I just need to create the book cover and then let the book rest for a couple of days. I will then re-read it and sniff out all the grammar mistakes I missed previously. Hopefully I should be publishing this book on Sunday or Monday.

My Squidoo Rankings So Far

I published my very first Squidoo lens using the Squid Pro Quo guidebook 16 days ago. I have made two sales so far.

I am using Rank Checker to keep track. This is not 100% accurate as I checked a couple of links and found they were either one or two places lower or higher.

But this works as a rough estimate, which is good enough for now.

Here are the results with the Google rank number:

1. Army costumes for women -#21 – Sale made via Squidoo module

2. Black over the knee boots – #29

3. Fringe flapper dress – #20

4. Yellow knee high socks – #13

5. Kabuki makeup brush -#31

6. Knee high boot socks – #19

7. Large eyeshadow palette -#17

8. Tan knee high boots -#13

9. Orange knee socks – #11

10. Red knee high socks – #18

11. Red knee high boots -#15

12.Women’s military boots -#60 – Sale made via my own Amazon link

13. Halloween decorations – Not in top 100

14. Makeup brush belt -Not in top 100

15. Hanging Toiletry Bag – Not in top 100 (new)

16. Soup Flask – Not in top 100 (new)

My Thoughts

I am happy to see that within the space of just 16 days, the majority of these lenses are on the second or third page of Google for their main keywords. It is only a matter of time before they slowly work their way further up the search engine and hopefully reach the top 5, where the real money can be made.

Wish me luck! :)

Have Your Say: How are the stats for your own Squidoo challenge doing? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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