Blogging Challenge – Day 20

Catching up While Feeling Hung Over!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I went out for a fabulous dinner with friends.  This morning I work up with a very dry throat and a slightly sore head.

It was definitely worth it but the working day still goes on so I had to soldier on.

I made it through my shift and wanted to ensure that I got caught up with my Squidoo lens creation and my 30 day blogging challenge.

This is what I managed today.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty

Created 2 Squidoo Lens

I wanted to get back up to speed with my squidoo challenge of making a lens a day so I created two today.

The first lens is suitable for people looking to buy a Glass Tea Infuser.

I don’t often drink loose leaf tea but a nice clear glass teapot or tea cup would definitely be an upgrade on my normal Tetley Teabags in my university mug.

The second lens is about Coffee Mug Tree Stands. I will be very interested in how this particular lens will fair as there was already one made with the key word coffee mug tree.

It wasn’t in the top ten but it looked like the lens was made by someone who studied the same Squid Pro Quo guide book as me.  We shall see how this product lens performs.

That’s it for today.

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