Blogging Challenge – Day 21

As I write this post as part of my 30 day blogging challenge, I am watching the gloriously wonderful Gosford Park.

I absolutely love my period dramas.  I can’t believe that it was made in 2001.  It doesn’t look that old at all.

Ah well, back to the task at hand.  Here is what I achieved today.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty One

  • A Brand New Squidoo Lens
  • A New Blog Post for Two Pretty Things Website
  • More Squidoo Sales to Report

The Brand New Squidoo Lens

Today’s lens is all about Lunch Bags for Women. Now that I am working full time, I could definitely do with one of these bags.

At the moment I am making do with a flimsy little thing. It is time to invest in a quality lunch tote now.

The New Blog Post for Two Pretty Things

I have edited and posted my support post for the socks lenses I made.The title is Red Knee High Socks and Other Colours.

Hopefully the Amazon and Squidoo links will provide extra help to my other articles and maybe lead to some sales too.

More Sales to Report from My Squidoo Lenses

I made 4 sales with my new lenses through my direct Amazon links. Hurrah!

I also made 8 sales through older Squidoo lenses.  This is great motivation for continuing with this challenge.

I certainly look forward to receiving my next Amazon Commission Cheque.

Have Your Say: Are you doing any extra work to help boost the strength of your Squidoo lenses? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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