Blogging Challenge – Day 23

Making Money with Squidoo  & Thoughts on A New Challenge

I discovered new sales from my Squid Pro Quo lenses and I have taken a step closer to working on the next challenge that I hope to work on.

The Julie & Julia DVD image right here will make sense when you read below.

So onto the summary of my 30 day blogging challenge achievements today.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty Three

  • Published Today’s New Squidoo Lens
  • A Great Day of Squidoo Orders
  • Ordered Book for Inspiration for Future Challenge

New Squidoo Lens

Sticking with the furniture theme, today’s Squidoo lens is about buying a Black Leather Ottoman.

This was a little quicker to put together than yesterday’s one.

I think I have one more within this theme then I am moving on.

Lots of Amazon Orders!

I checked my Squidoo account and saw one order via an older Squidoo lens.

I had a lovely surprise when I checked my Amazon account and found 12 New Sales!  Absolutely fantastic.  I definitely have to continue making lenses, once this challenge ends.

Maybe not one a day but I want to carry on building on this platform.

 Reading for Inspiration &  a New Challenge

I ordered the book Julie & Julia: My Life of Cooking Dangerously. This was because I recently watched the movie Julie & Julia, starring the brilliant Meryl Streep.  The film is based on two different stories; the eccentric American TV cook Julia Child and a wannabe writer, Julie Powell.  Julie took it upon herself to work her way through one of Julia’s cookbooks and blogged about her journey. The blog was turned into a book, which was adapted into the movie.

I really liked the film and I am hoping to do something similar, that is to work my way through a cookbook and report on my experiences.  I thought it would be interesting to read about Julie and her own experience so the book has been ordered, through Amazon, naturally.:)

I have already decided on the cookbook that I will be using for my own challenge, which I will discuss in another post.

That’s it for today.

Have Your Say: How have your orders been today? Are you thinking about your next challenge?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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