Blogging Challenge – Day 24

Making Money & Getting a Makeover!

Today was a day off from the job.  I still woke up at my normal early morning alarm clock time though.

I tried going back to sleep but failed. Instead I made a cup of tea and started work on my Squidoo lens.

Below is a summary of today’s achievements.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty Four

  • A Brand New Squidoo Lens Published
  • Got My Hair Done
  • Requested Squid Pro Quo Affiliate Link
  • Purchased a New Money Making Product for Kindle Books

A Brand New Squidoo Lenss Published

I think this will be the last in the Ottoman family. This lens is for people who are looking to buy a Zebra Ottoman.

There is a huge demand for animal print products so this article includes furniture for adults, for children and also some items for dogs. It was interesting to discover some of these things.

I hope someone buys from one of the links.

Got My Hair Done

My hair was in serious need of a perm. As a birthday present, my sister gifted me the money for the hair stuff and offered to do it for me. Much cheaper than the hairdressers.

It looks great, in my humble opinion but I do need a hair cut. The  style used to look similar to Rhianna’s back in the day but it is a bit all over the place at the moment.

I am going to find out if I can get an appointment at a hairdressing school, which will help to reduce the cost. Although I can’t guarentee that I will walk out with any hair left on my head. lol.

Requested Squid Pro Quo Affiliate Link

I have been very happy with the this Squidoo creation product and would like the opportunity to promote it.  This would be a great way to earn a little extra commission on top of what I am making with the lenses.

I just checked my email and have received approval and my affiliate link. Hurrah!

So if you would like to make money with Squidoo, then download a copy of Squid Pro Quo and get step by step guidance.

I will write a proper product review post in the next few days.

Purchased a New Money Making Product for Kindle Books

While I was applying for my Squid Pro Quo affiliate link, I discovered another product that I thought might be of interest. It is called Kindle Kase Study. This sounds interesting because it covers some of the issues that I faced when I went through the process of creating my own kindle books.

I look forward to finding out if this is a worthwhile product.  The product owner says the full price of $19.95 will be in place in 7 days time.  I just bought it  for $7.89. Let’s see if it was a bargain.

That’s me done for today.

Have Your Say: How is your week so far? Hope that something has caused you to smile today. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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