Blogging Challenge – Day 26

Being Busy Feels Good!

Although it was busy at work today, I managed to start a new article about How To Write an “Advertise Here” page. I am exploring the possibility of another online revenue stream. More about that below.

I also worked a little more on mapping out an outline for my future blogging schedule. I want to keep up this momentum of writing on this blog regularly so if I create a workable schedule, this should help this hopeless procrastinator to get things done. Fingers crossed.

When I got home this evening I discovered that the Amazon Fairy had been and left me my book, Julie & Julia – My Year of Living Dangerously.  I can’t wait to delve in and find out more about this blogger turned author.  The film version of her book has inspired me to do my own cooking challenge so I hope that I will not be disappointed by this writer.

So onwards with today’s achievments.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty Six

  • A Cute New Squidoo Lens Published
  • An Old Squidoo Lens Updated
  • Discovered How To Travel to Spain for “Free”
  • A Little Research on Getting Advertisers for My Websites

A Cute New Squidoo Lens

Todays’s lens is for anyone who has a little girl. If your child has grown out of her crib or cot, you may like to consider getting a Dora Toddler Bed.

There were not that many beds to choose from so I added Dora the Explorer bedding, furniture and other accessories.  I managed to get organised and this article was completed in 1 hour, 20 minutes.

An Old Squidoo Lens Updated

I joined Squidoo in 2008 and made a few lenses, back when I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I now have a few that are in “Work in Progress” mode. This means that they need a little work, like extra content or an update.

Today I revitalised a lens with the same theme as the one above. This one is about Dora Explorer Birthday Party Supplies.  I actually had a complete niche website at one time but got bored, distracted and disappointed with that way of making money. Anyway this lens is now much better and I hope it will creep back up the Google search engine.

I made 14 sales on my older Squidoo lenses today. Yay!  This is another reason to get the rest of these articles out of “Work in Progress” mode so that they can start earning too.

How To Travel To Spain for “Free”

I have confirmed that my Spanish classes will start in November. I was trying to figure out what would be the most economical way I could travel to Spain next year in order to practice using the language.

As if by magic, one of the blog posts in my Google Reader was written about an English Immersion Course for Spanish people.  The course needs native English speakers to spend the week in a beautiful 5 star country hotel and basically speak English all week.

It sounds a bit dodgy but I read more and found it really intriguing. I will write more about this in a future post but I have a feeling that I may take a punt on this opportunity as it would be great for networking. Though I wouldn’t actually get to use my Spanish skills. Hmmm….

A Little Research on Getting Advertisers for My Websites

I want to explore all the different ways in which it is possible to make money online. One way is to get advertisers to pay so that they can display their ads on your site.

Another way is to write sponsored posts like a product review or something like that.

I know that this can be a real money maker but in order to attract advertisers, you have to have the following:

  • A blog with a clearly defined niche
  • A blog that attracts a large enough audience
  • A blog that attracts an audience relevant to an advertiser’s product

These are the things that I need to work on so this idea is still just an idea. I just thought that it wouldn’t hurt to look into this avenue more.

That’s me done for today. :)

Have Your Say: How was your day today? Do you feel good about your accomplishments? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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