Blogging Challenge – Day 28

Busy But Fun Day at Work

There was a lot to do at work this afternoon but it was good to be kept busy. It meant that I had very little time to surf the interwebs. lol.

I actually got to know one of my co-workers a little better. He is currently on dialysis and I got to ask him about his condition, which he said was hereditary.

It was very eye-opening and made me think twice about other people who grumble and make a big deal about having a head cold or something similar. This man is waiting to get a new kidney and still wants to work everyday and make a difference, however small, in society. Very inspiring.

Apart from taking the time to think about being thankful for my health and the health of my family, here’s what I achieved today.

Tasks Completed on Day Twenty Eight

  • I Published a New Squidoo Lens
  • Visited the Squidoo Forum for the First Time

Today’s New Squidoo Lens

I had an afternoon shift at work today so I got my Squidoo lens completed early this morning. The lens is for people looking to buy a Dora Mermaid Doll. There are quite a few to choose from. It makes me yearn to be a child again. lol.

This 30 day Squidoo challenge will be over soon and I will write up a summary post listing all the lenses I have made using the instructions from my Squid Pro Quo guide.  I will also take a look at how much money I have earned so far from these articles.

I Visited the Squidoo Forum

I had never considered joining the Squidoo forum because it just didn’t even enter my radar to meet and greet the other people who create these lenses.

I posted my introductory blurb by answering the four fun questions.  Here is the link to said Squidoo Forum Post (My forum name is Tiptopcats).

That’s it for today.

Have Your Say: Are you working on Squidoo lenses? Have you visited the Squidoo forum? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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