Blogging Challenge – Day 3

A Trip to a Musical & Fancy Dress Costumes Galore!

Sunday has been a great day apart from the horrible rainy weather. I thought I was prepared with my sturdy boots, only to find that both of them had holes at the front.

Socks got soaking wet but looking on the bright – time to go shoe shopping! Hurrah!

Right – Here’s a roundup of today’s activity.

Tasks Completed on Day Three

  • Created 2 Squidoo lenses
  • Scored free tickets to a show

My New Squidoo Lenses
I purchased a new user guide called Squid Pro Quo and I worked my way through the step by step instructions.  I have created lenses in the past but it had been a while.

Implementing this new programme took a very long time because I had to get used to a new way of doing keyword research and formatting text boxes.

I actually liked the keyword research method and know that in time, I will get quicker at it.

So far I have managed to create two lenses.  Here are the links:

I Watched Jesus Christ Superstar – The Arena Tour

There was a reality TV show recently called Superstar, similar to X Factor and American Idol, where they were looking for someone to play Jesus.  I enjoyed the show and was happy with the eventual winner, Ben Forster.

I managed to bag two tickets to see this show at the O2 and went along with my sister.

We had popped over to see the parents before we headed to the O2, where my dad quipped that the only reason I had left my house on a rainy Sunday was because the tickets were free! Cheeky but oh so true.

I will write a proper review for this show but in a nutshell, I am glad that I got to see the production but I wasn’t 100% satisfied.  More on this later.

So all in all I had a great Sunday and am now ready to face the week ahead.

Have your Say: Did you have a good weekend? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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