Blogging Challenge – Final Roundup

Everything’s Coming up Squidoo!

Today I went shopping with my sister and tried, in vain, to get a brand new coat. I saw something but it wasn’t quite right. I ended up with a new pair of boots instead.

I don’t really like shopping as, if I can’t find what I need quite quickly, I get real bored.  Thank goodness for online stores eh?

Anyhoo, back at home, I got busy with my online endeavours.

Here’s what I achieved.

Tasks Completed Today

  • I Published My 30th Squidoo Lens
  • I Wrote Up My Squid Pro Quo Review Post
  • Checked My Free Promo for My Children’s Book

My 30th Squid Pro Quo – Squidoo Lens

After remembering that I started the Squid Pro Quo 30 Lens challenge a couple of days late, I realised that I had only made 29 lenses. So here is the 30th.

It is for people who are looking for a Folding Guest Bed.

There are some great options to choose from so I hope that Google is kind and it sits up high in the search engine results.

My Squid Pro Quo Review

I have finally written up my review for the Squid Pro Quo – CLICK HERE TO READ.

I really enjoyed using this guide and hope that other people get to make some money with it.

Update on My Free Promo for My Childrens Book

My book, Savannah Goes to the Theatre is free to download from Amazon.  I just checked my numbers.  120 books have been downloaded.

The book is currently ranked 1,455 in the free kindle book list and No.1 in Childrens African American Stories.

Two more days to go so we’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for today. :)

Have Your Say: Are you interested in creating any/more Squdoo lenses? Let me know.

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