Can You Make Money With Amazon Without Spending a Dime?

Amazon AssociatesThe quick answer to the question of whether you can make money with Amazon without spending any money is a YES, yes you can.

You do not need to have a website to make money with Amazon. This is great news if you are new to the world of online marketing and you want to see what it is all about. There are some benefits to going with the free options but there is one main disadvantage.

The Advantages

  • You do not have to spend any money. This is perfect, especially if you have limited funds.
  • If you are worried about your writing skills, this is a good way to practice and improve your skills, while earning a little something extra.

The Disadvantage

  • You do not control the websites where you can publish your articles for free so you could lose access to your work without warning.

The Tools You Need

  • An Amazon Affiliate Account
  • The Ability To Write at Least 300-400 words on a subject
  • The Ability To Come Up With Topics To Write About

How To Get an Amazon Affiliate Account
You need to sign up to the Amazon affiliate programme, which is very straight forward. Once you become an Amazon Associate, you will have your affiliate link and can start to use this to earn commissions.

Basically if people click on your links and then purchase something from Amazon, you earn a commission for that sale. Commissions start from 4% of the purchase price and can go up to 10% for certain products. Your rate of commission depends on the amount of sales that are made through your links.

I have signed up to both programmes but I don’t really make that much with the UK affiliate programme.

I Live in a State That Doesn’t Allow Amazon Commissions
If you are in one of those American states, where you are not able to set up an affiliate account, you can still make money with Amazon. Sites like Hubpages and Squidoo allow you to earn commissions through their links. Your earnings will then be paid directly by them as opposed to Amazon. These sites will take around 50% of the earnings but if you do well, you could still make a nice amount of money.

Write at Least 300-400 Words on a Subject
If you want to make money with Amazon, then pick the product that you would like to promote and write about it. You should try to include the benefits of buying that product as well as any alternative options available.

If you have any personal experience of the products you are writing about, it is always a nice touch to add your own thoughts and personal opinion. This will make your articles feel less cold and sterile. All the web 2.0 websites allow you to add images and this can really make an article stand out and invite the reader to read on.

The Ability To Come Up With Topics To Write About
Sometimes it can be hard to think about what to write. There are just so many Amazon products to choose from.  A really good start is to think of the things that you have purchased online or the items that you are looking to purchase. Take a look around your home and garden and see if there are things that you think might be of interest to others.

Think about the last few things you purchased yourself.  These could make great content for your articles.

My Experience with Making Money with Amazon The Free WayMake Money with Hubpages
I started out creating articles for websites like Hubpages and Infobarrel. I wasn’t sure about my writing abilities and this was a great way to see if I had what it took.

Make Money with Hubpages
I actually took part in a challenge to create 100 hubpages and I was so proud when I made that 100th hub. (That’s a link to that hub). I found it really easy to put these together because I didn’t have to fuss with complicated HTML coding and the Amazon modules were easy to add and edit.

Hubpages has changed since I last published a hub and they lost a lot of their ranking juice.

I used be receive a nice level of commission via the Amazon programme and adsense but now those numbers have declined. I still receive clicks to Amazon products, which is nice.

Making Money with InfobarrelMake Money with Infobarrel
Adding articles to Infobarrel was even easier. It is like creating a blog post. You write your article, add a nice image and your links to the amazon products of your choice.

You can also earn adsense with this site too. Once again, they also lost a lot of their ranking power when Google changed their algorythms.

Making Money with SquidooSquidoo
Squidoo has also had its ups and downs with the search engines too.

It looks as if they are doing OK again at the moment. Similar to Hubpages, this site is made up of modules that you can put together in any order you want. You add your content, links to Amazon products as well as ebay too.

I am slowly building up my Squidoo portfolio by trying to create two lenses per week. I have purchased a couple of products to help me on my way but it you want to keep this completely 100% free then you can.

Should You Try Making Money The Free Way?
I would definitely recommend becoming an Amazon affiliate and signing up with the free sites to make money. It is a nice way to introduce you to the world of making money online. The amount of money you will make will depend on several factors, including the development of your writing skills, learning how to write about what people are searching for and the amount of articles you can produce.

These websites also have communities and forums, filled with really friendly and helpful people.  You can learn a lot by interacting and making the effort to get to know others who are doing what you are doing.

Once you feel comfortable and confident, it will not take long before you will want to explore other ways to make money with Amazon such as creating your own websites or writing books for Kindle.

Have Your Say: What was your first experience of making money with Amazon? Did you try the free sites first or did you jump straight in with niche websites? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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