Can You Make Money with Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System

Does Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System Work?Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System

Today’s post is a quick review and evaluation of the squidoo lenses I made using Britt Malka’s book Squick Money: 15 Minute Squidoo System.

That link will take you to the review post I wrote shortly after purchasing and implementing the product.

A Little Background Info

I created 25 Squidoo lenses using the method outlined in the book. These lenses were made between 31 Dec 2012 and 5 Jan 2013.

The results are for the period between 31 Dec 2012 and 13 March 2013.

During those 10 weeks I earned:

  • $3.04 from the Squidoo Ad Pool (adsense clicks, squidoo’s ebay and amazon modules)
  • $14.65 from Amazon direct links


The Good News – I Made Money!Make Money

I followed the course and made money.  I am very happy to see that the earnings, though low, have covered the cost of the book.  So anything else earned is good clear profit. Since making those lenses, I haven’t touched them.

I know that it is recommended that you go back and add more content, which can help to improve their earning potential but I haven’t done that (yet).

Also, with the new changes that Squidoo have put in place, the lack of content could actually see these lenses penalised. So if I want to keep these lenses safe, it might be a good idea to check on them.

It will be interesting to return to these 25 lenses at the end of the year to see how they have fared.

Have Your Say: Have you used the Squick System?  What have been your results?  Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE – SEPT 2013Due to all the changes that Squidoo have made, I no longer create lenses there. Sadly this  product will not work as well as it used to.

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