Can You Make Money with Squid Pro Quo?

Does Squid Pro Quo Work?Make Money with Squid Pro Quo

In my last post, I posed the question Can You Make Money with the Squick 15 Minute Squidoo System.

Today I pose the question Can You Make Money with Squido Pro Quo?.

I am looking at the results of my lens making adventure using the Squid Pro Quo programme created by Erica Stone.

A Little Background Info
When I purchased the programme, I took part in a 30 day lens a day challenge in order to create, well, you guessed it – 30 lenses. Challenges really help me to get organised and stay on top of things, which is why I love to take part in them. Anyway I got those lenses completed.

Click Here to See The Results of Those Initial 30 Lenses

Since then I have made a few more lenses, using a mixture of the rules of this ebook course as well as my own spin.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to use a separate link in order to properly evaluate the results. That means that the following numbers are not strictly down to using just this system. I hope that they are of interest to you anyway.

The Results
I have measured the results between when I made my first Squid Pro Quo lens up until the month of the last payout from Squidoo, which was for January’s earnings.

Number of lenses created between Sept 2012 – Jan 2013 =50

Earnings from Sept 2012 – 31 Jan 2013
$78.88 – Squidoo Earnings – Ad Pool (adsense clicks, squidoo’s ebay and amazon modules)
$457.74 – From Amazon direct links

GRAND TOTAL = $536.62

The Good News – I am Making Money!Make Money Online
Those are great numbers, helped by the lovely Christmas period. There are quite a few make money guide books and  Squid Pro Quo is another one that works.

I wish I had been able to properly evaluate my results but a mixture of not using one specific affiliate link and then not strictly following along with the guide means that I can’t say for definite what worked and what didn’t.

But that’s the thing about guides and “How To” books; you follow along and then you do the stuff that is either easier or more comfortable for you to do.

I am continuing to create Squidoo lenses using a mixture of what I learned from Squid Pro Quo, Squick and a little something of my own called Common Sense.

Click Here to See the Squid Pro Quo Sales Page


Join A Squidoo Making Challenge – 1 Lens Per Week

Amandas Lens Making Challenge

Image –

As I mentioned before, taking part in a challenge is a great way to stay motivated and to get things done. That is why I jumped at the chance to take part in Amanda’s Squidspro Lens Making Challenge.

The aim is to create one lens per week and to add your link to her website. This is a lovely way to ensure that you get at least one lens per week created.

Amanda also provides some great advice and suggestions if you are stuck on what type of lenses to put together. She is also running competitons too. So there is lots of fun to be had.

Anyone can join at any time so head on over to her website Squidspro and add the details of your next lens.

Have Your Say: Have you been using Squid Pro Quo? How have your results been?

UPDATE – SEPT 2013 – Due to the changes that Squidoo recently made, I am no longer creating lenses. This product will not work as well as it used to.

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