Can You Make Money With Squidoo – Well I Am Jumping Ship!

Jumping ShipAt the end of last year I started work on trying to make money with Squidoo. I purchased two different products to help me on my way. I even completed two Squidoo making challenges.

At the moment the owners of the Squidoo platform are making lots of changes and this has prompted me to completely jump ship and give up trying to make money with this particular site.

Here are the 4 main reasons why I have decided to stop creating Squidoo Lenses.

#1 – Squidoo Request Changes But Don’t Give Specifics
The Squidoo machine works using certain vetting criteria, which we are not privy to. This means that they have set up their system to flag any lenses which do not pass their filters. I have received notices that several of my lenses needed work.

The problem is that the information they provide is not adequate. You don’t know how much work each lens needs. Some may have too many Amazon links, some may not have enough text, some may read too much like an advert. You are left to figure this out.

The first time I received notifications, I went back and looked at those lenses. I went through and amended them by either removing links or adding a little more text here and there. I published them and they returned to their live status.

About a week later, I go check and they are back in draft mode. Now I did not create these lenses in order to have to work on them again and again. These were supposed to be quick little articles that would hopefully earn some residual income.

I decided not to edit or amend any more.

I have two accounts with Squidoo. At the time of writing this post, on one account I have 67 lenses published and 12 lenses locked. On the other account I have 25 lenses and 23 have been locked.

#2 – Using Squidoo is Like Trying To Ask A Baby What It Needs
Squidoo - Tell Me What You NeedSquidoo is like a little baby who can’t communicate what they want. This baby will cry and cry and you have to work though lots of options. Does the baby need changing? Does the baby need feeding? Does the baby need a hug? Does the baby have a stomach-ache?

You have to do all the work trying to figure out what the baby needs. Eventually you get there.

Well, with a baby you can not give up but with Squidoo, oh yes, you can give up and jump ship. Why? Because Squidoo is not my baby and I do not need to pander to its needs.

#3 – They Withhold Any Monies Already Earned
Squidoo - Give Me My Money!If you have lenses that have earned money, which you have not yet been paid for, then you will lose this cash, if you your lens is locked. The money is automatically given to charity. Now when you sign up, you are given the option of choosing to donate cash to charity or to get that money paid into your Paypal account.

I think that it is rude of the owners to automatically deny you your money. They allowed your lenses to be published in the first place and they made money from your work. Of course they can change the rules and lock that lens, but they should still pay you anything outstanding.

Can you imagine going to a job and being told that your work is no longer up to scratch so instead of paying you for the days you have worked, we are giving that cash to charity. WTF????

That doesn’t work in the offline world so why should that be acceptable in the online world? No, no, no.

Luckily for me, all my lenses had paid out in the previous months so I had no outstanding cash owing. Phew.

#4 – It’s Squidoo’s House, Squidoo’s Rules
My House My RulesSquidoo makes money because people choose to use the platform for a variety of reasons. Some are there purely to earn money. Some are there because they enjoy sharing information and like the ease of the platform. Some are there to get involved with the great community that use the site.

I am sure that it is written in the small print that the Squidoo owners can make changes as and when they see fit. That is their prerogative because this is their product. It just makes it very difficult to know if you are living up to those rules, when they keep moving the goalposts. I understand that the platform has to evolve as the internet and the search engines (Google) evolve but it is still very frustrating.

The same thing happened with other platforms. I know that Hubpages went through similar changes a year or so ago. Lots of hubs were banned and removed with little warning and many people lost their livelihood in one go.

The Moral of The Story – Own Your Own Money Making Empire!
Do not rely on other platforms for your income. If you want to make money online and be in complete control of potential earnings, you need to work on things that you have complete control of.

The platforms such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Infobarrel and the new kid on the block, Bubblews, are great but do not invest all your time and effort with these.

Work on things that you own such as your own domains, kindle books, ebooks, email courses, PLR, online workshops etc. They may cost a little more and take a little more time and effort on your part, but this is definitely better in the long run.

I have enjoyed using and working with the web 2.0 properties and I have learned a lot. I am still earning a little income from the sites. In fact there has been a slow increase in the amount of Amazon clicks via my Hubpages and I wrote those articles 2 years ago. They must be in favour with the search engines again or something.

I am happy for the little bit of money that I can make from these sites, but I will not be focussing too much attention on them in the future.

Have Your Say: Have you seen a downturn in Squidoo earnings? Are you sticking with the platform? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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