I Know I’ve Been Changed


I Know I’ve Been Changed is a little book by Reshonda Tate Billingsley and is about the story of Raedella Rollins. She escapes the little town of Sweet Poke, Arkansas for a job in a newsroom. She wants to forget about her small town beginnings, her embarrassing family members and the poverty that she had to endure as well as being abandoned by her mother.

10 years later she is a successful TV personality and about to get married but finds that the foundations of her new life begin to crumble and come crashing down. She is forced to look at herself and her humble background.

I enjoyed this book and wanted to know more about the character of Raedella. Some of the things that happened felt a little unrealistic but I was able to gloss over that and found that the actual storyline was enjoyable. Part of the book did delve into the issue of religion and faith which I thought would be a little hard to take as I am not particularly religious, but the author didn’t go hardcore so it was ok. I would definitely recommend this book for a good light read. I Know I’ve Been Changed is available  online from Amazon.

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