Choosing a Spanish Language Course

Quiero Hablar Espanol!

The above means – I want to learn Spanish! One of my passions is learning languages and travelling so I want to incorporate this element into my blog by writing about the experiences and challenges I face as I try to improve my language skills.

I have signed up for Spanish lessons, care of a Groupon offer.  This has entitled me to 15 one hour lessons for the very good price of £45.

I have already done a couple of Spanish courses in the past but I never got the opportunity to actually travel to a Spanish speaking country in order to practice what I learned.  I hope that this will change, come 2013.

I have been placed in the intermediate / improver class.  I am not sure how much information I have retained. The most important thing I have done is to look up the translation for the following:

  • My name is ………
  • I come from …….
  • I work ……..
  • I want to learn Spanish because …….

What will I have to say for the rest of the hour, only time will tell.  Wish me luck. :)

Have Your Say: Are you learning a new language? Do you think it is important to speak more than your own mother tongue? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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