Christmas Website Challenge – How Much Money Can a Christmas Website Make?

My Christmas Website Challenge - My Daily Cuppa

My 10 Week Christmas Challenge

Are you looking to make money with Amazon this Christmas? Are you looking for support, inspiration and motivation? Well I hope to be able to provide this as I endeavour to make money with a brand new Christmas themed site.

This Week’s Video
It was about time I got another video done. Here goes. A little rusty but I got it done :)

YouTube Preview Image

About My Christmas Website Challenge
I set up my Halloween niche site in August and I have been happy that people have found the links so that I could earn my little commission here and there. I will let you know the total facts and figures when October ends as the visits and sales will no doubt cease. Now, I am trying my hand with a Christmas site so let’s see how this one goes.

I will provide progress reports and let you know what I have done and what I have planned. Now I am not one for doing too much keyword research. I tend to try and rely on using straightforward common sense and information that is either currently popular or of particular interest to me. OK, there is a tiny bit of keyword research. I use and Amazon’s search engine.

Please note: I do not have all the answers. I am not some hotshot expert who knows how to earn $100 in ten minutes. I am learning this stuff as I go along. Some of it will work, some of it will not but I won’t know unless I give it a go. Any suggestions will naturally be gratefully received in the blog comments or by email to me.

I will update this post with my ongoing progress.

Week 1 – What I Have Done So Far
I have purchased my domain name – Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations. It’s a bit long but it had the important words that I wanted – Christmas gift, gift ideas, Christmas decorations.

I added the basic pages – About, Contact, Privacy Policy. I have also added my first blog post:

Shopping for Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations – The Easy Solution

This has been Google Plused, tweeted and Facebooked.

Week 2
I have lots of articles written but I have only managed to add one other post to the site so far. Here is the link:

Christmas Cards with Dogs on Them

I am not a really animal lover but some of these cards are adorable. I also set up a Facebook fanpage:

Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations on Facebook

I have now shared the posts on all of my social media platforms and need to work on getting the next post on there.

Want To Join This 10 Week Challenge?
This isn’t a formal challenge or anything. If you are looking for support or motivation, then check out this blog over the next few weeks and share your own experiences. Hopefully we can help each other with what works and what doesn’t. You do not have to share your site or strategy if you do not feel comfortable. I just want this to provide a way to give you that extra nudge to get things done. I hope it helps me too.

Good luck everyone :)

Have Your Say: Have you started your Christmas site? Are you optimistic about making money this Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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