Count To Ten By Karen Rose

Count To Ten by Karen Rose

I loved reading Count To Ten by Karen Rose.  The story is about a detective called Mia Mitchell who is on the hunt for a serial arsonist and murder.  She gets a temporary partner in Lt Reed Solliday, a fire marshal after her own partner gets shot and is laid up in the hospital.

Count To Ten is partly thriller, partly love story, which I wasn’t expecting but really enjoyed.  The love scenes were quite steamy, again, quite surprising but very enjoyable.  I have looked on and seen that Karen Rose has written quiet a few books so I will  definitely be reading more from her.

I recommend Count To Ten by Karen Rose 100%.  It took a couple of chapters to get into it but then I found myself wanting to know if Mia and Reed would get together and it I loved trying to figure out who the arsonist was.  Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

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