Is It Difficult To Find A Niche Market?

Searching for a niche market

Finding a niche market to write about is a very difficult thing for me to do at the moment. This is what I realised today when I tried to come up with ideas.

I set myself 3 tasks today and they were:

1.  Complete a job application

Done – Just need to do one more spell-check and I can set if off.

2.  Start researching a new niche market for my next website

I seem to have come stuck. I have looked at the products available on Clickbank but nothing really jumps out at me that I feel I could write 10 – 15 articles about.

I then went over to Commission Junction and thought about choosing a tangible affiliate product. However there is such a huge choice that it was a little overwhelming. Although I did find a couple of affiliates that I might consider adding to this blog to add a little colour.

Anyway, back to my search – I finally thought of something but I am not sure if it is a market with any buyers. I did some preliminary SEO/ Wordtracker checks and found that the keyword is being searched. I will check again in a couple of days before I decide to go ahead or not.

Oh, I almost forgot. The 3rd task on my list was

3.   To write a post for this blog

Job done.

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