The Edukators with Daniel Brühl


I got the opportunity to see The Edukators, a German language film last night. It was shown on Film 4 so I got to practice listening to German and to stare at the gorgeous looking Daniel Brühl again (having recently watched him in Good Bye Lenin).

The film, made in 2004, was about two friends who were social anarchists who broke into rich peoples houses and instead of stealing their belongings, they would rearrange the furniture and leave the message: Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei – the years of plenty are over. This was the actual title of this film. They wanted to make rich people feel uncomfortable about their wealth and to never feel completely safe and secure.

I have to admit that I found this film harder to understand. There was so much talk about politics, activism and revolutionary ideology that I found my grasp on the German vocabulary lacking and ended up reading the subtitles. The actors tended to mumble through the dialogue – well not mumble but it was difficult for this foreigner to differentiate the individual words. I really do need to read more German.

I enjoyed Die Fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei or The Edukators although, in my humble opinion, it did seem to degenerate into a love triangle, which was a bit annoying. Why oh why does the female have to be the weak link?

Anyway – it did give me a chance to ogle Daniel Brühl again – Lovely.

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