Female Vloggers on Youtube and Beyond

Female Vloggers on Youtube and Beyond

A fantastic way to improve your blog is to get into the habit of creating videos.  This post presents a selection of vloggers who show us how they are engaging with their audience by using the medium of video.

I didn’t know what to call this post so I went over to Ubersuggest.org and popped in the term “Female Vlogger”, (which sounds a little risque, dontcha think? or is it just me?)

Anyway I ended up with Female Vloggers on Youtube.  I added the “and beyond” for those who do not use Youtube (yet – ie – me!)

The Reason for This Blog Post
I remember that Tiffany Dow  mentioned in one of her videos and blog posts about the different types of video making products that are out on the market and how each product has its on particular slant.

Some products focus on the technical aspects of creating videos, while some deal with the different mediums that you can choose to use, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Daily Motion, Camtasia and lots of others.

The type of videos you end up making will depend on a variety of things.  It will depend on the type of camera you own, the type of set up you prefer, whether you want to talk to camera or use screens shots or animation.  Oh, and your overal all budget. At the end of the day, you can choose the style that suits you.

5 Examples of Different Female Vloggers
I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the different types of vloggers that I follow on a regular basis.  It is purely coincedence that there are no men on this list because I do follow several male bloggers, honest I do.

Anyway, here are 4 women who have caught my attention for all the right reasons.  I have included one of their most recent video uploads as an example and I have written a little about each person and the way in which I think they create their videos.  The 5th person in the bunch is moi, right at the end :)

Meet Tiffany Dow
This is Tiffany Dow. I like watching her videos because you can see that she is at home, relaxed and ready to chit chat with us.  She talks in a very comfortable easy fashion, which immediately makes you feel welcome.

How Tiffany Makes Her Videos
Tiffany normally records her video on her Iphone, propped up on a couple of books I think. That’s it. No muss, no fuss, press record and away she goes.

Her hairstyle and lipstick may have changed 😉 but she is still the down to earth online marketer who is making tons of money, has tons of followers and is someone that you feel you can trust.

As an added bonus, for all you dog lovers out there, you are treated to the frequent guest star appearance of  Honey, her fame hungry chiuaha. lol

Danger Will Robinson Alert!
Tiffany has all that southern charm that you would expect from a down to earth Texa gal, but if you do her wrong, she will unleash the Honey Badger on you and you want to be sure to get out of that particular line of fire.  She will come at anyone who is unethical, ungreatful, rude or scummy freeloaders. You have been warned.

Meet Leonie Dawson
I have only just discovered Leonie Dawson.  I would describe her as an over the top new agey woman from Australia who has figured out what she wants in life and has created the perfect balance of work and home.  She is super enthusiastic about life and about helping people, particularly women, to achieve their goals by serving others.

YouTube Preview Image

How Leonie Makes Her Videos
Leonie makes her videos in different spaces, but in the video I have linked to, she is in her home studio.  She has constructed a set to look like a comfortable bedroom and you can see that she has set up professional lights for the recording.  She talks about how and why she has done this and I think it totally suits her style and character.

I have to admit that when I watched the Intro video on the main page of her website, I thought that she was just tooooooo OTT for me, but I listened, I watched and I fell in love with her story, her journey and the work that she is doing.

Danger Will Robinson Alert!
One of the reasons I like Leonie is that on the one hand, she is all sweetness and light but on the other hand, she acknowledges that she is running a business and she will not stand for any bull from ungreatful or rude people.

She swears like a trooper, in her videos, her blog posts and her emails. I love the mixture of earth mother, sweetness and light with the “don’t even try to mess with me” edge.  This edge is still wrapped up in fluffy clouds and unicorns but I think that she shows she is no pushover, which you can’t be if you want to be successful, which she very much is.

Meet Marie Forleo
This is another new discovery for me.  Marie Forleo has her Youtube channel and among other things, she hosts “Q & A Tuesday”, where she answers a question from her followers.  She then asks people to respond and leave feedback on her blog.

YouTube Preview Image

How Marie Makes Her Video
Marie’s videos look highly professional and very well produced. I think that she is in a studio and has lighting and a camera crew.  There are certainly other people involved as you can hear them in the background during the intro and at the end of her videos. There is music and beginning credits, with images and text added into the show.

I like that I looked back at the earlier days and you can see how her  overall style has evolved from a casual dresser, holding a piece of paper with the question on it, to Ms Fashionista, holding an Ipad with the question on it.

Danger Will Robinson Alert!
I have only been watching for a couple of weeks so I am still geting to know Marie.  However, she was born and raised in New York, so you know that she is not a woman to be messed with. This comes out in the way that she speaks when she is answering some of those questions.

Meet Bonnie Gean
I met Bonnie Gean during one of the challenges that Tiffany was running.  Bonnie has only been making videos for less than a year and she makes it look so effortless, you would have thought that she had been making these for a whole lot longer.

YouTube Preview Image

How Bonnie Makes Her Videos
The majority of Bonnie’s videos are created at home where she is sitting on her couch.  I know that she recently upgraded her camera and that it stands on a tripod. When you watch, you can see that she is always perfectly lit (natural sunlight?), and looks very comfortable.

Over the last few months, Bonnie has added a snazzy intro image, lovely outtro music and great graphics, which provides you with information about how to subscribe to her Youtube channel.

I love tuning in to watch because Bonnie is always so happy, so cheerful and that laugh of hers is infectious.  If you are having an off day, I would recommend you go check in with B and she will have you smiling and feeling good about yourself  by the end of her video.

Danger Will Robinson Alert!
I actually don’t have an alert to write here. Maybe Bonnie will pass by and add something in the comments below 😉

What About Me?
I started making videos a few months ago.  I was a real scaredy cat and started with screenshots.  I have now progressed to showing my face. This is the final video of the 30 Day Video Challenge I took part in.  I can not believe this was uploaded 5 months ago (January 2013).  Check out my recent Sunday video post to compare my performances.

How I Make My Videos
I am using the webcam that is on my little netbook.  I fire up the old Windows Media Player,record my video and add a cover image with the title.

This is all very basic but I am happy to have gotten the courage to press the Record button.  I want to add snazzy images and a funky intro track, I want to create videos that are lit much better too.

But do you know what? There is no hurry. I know that having these added extras are great but they won’t change the words that I am speaking. So I will add these pretty little things one at a time, when I have the time.

Danger Will Robinson Alert!
Well, I don’t really have one for myself. That is for others to say, eh. lol

In Closing
As you can see, there are so many different ways in which you can present yourself on video.  You can do it all for free, like me.  You can use an iphone, like Tiffany, you can buy a really nice camera and add lovely graphics, like Bonnie or you can use a studio space, set up professional lighting and have at it just like Leonie and Marie.

The main point is that you create a video that you can be proud of, that people can watch and get to know you and your style. People will then want to engage with you, and hopefully, become part of your community. That’s the hope that I have for my own video vlogging journey. How am I doing?

Have Your Say: Does the way a person chooses to make video matter to you? What are your thoughts on the examples I have given here? How do you feel about your own vlogging journey? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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