Focusing On My Dream Goals

This is a little recap of what I have been up to since last I blogged. Why a pic of True Blood – Scroll down to find out more.

Learning Spanish

So the Spanish lessons are going well at the moment. I know I am not making the most of them because I hardly ever do any extra work like learning new vocab or trying to meet up with Spanish speaking people.  This is basically down to pure laziness. However I have now signed up for next term’s class which I am very pleased about.

Travel To Latin America – Plans

I am definitely going to Latin America next year!! All I have to do is to decide exactly where I want to go and for how long.  My Spanish course ends in March so I will be looking to fly out in April.  Flights are around the £550 – £600 mark at the moment.  I am looking at working as a volunteer for at least a month and have sort of narrowed down my possibilities to either Guatemala or Costa Rica.  I need to do a little more research about both areas.

What Is It Like To Travel Alone As A Woman Of Colour?

One the most important issues that I want to find out about is what it is like to not only travel as a single woman but what it is like to travel while black.  This is not something that you will find in regular travel guide books so I hope to learn from fellow bloggers.

I intend to create a travel itinerary that will incorporate my dream destination – Cuba.  I have a few books and have been looking at the experiences of other bloggers for inspiration.  It is all very exciting.

Getting Fit

I have been managing to get to the gym 3 times a week.  This is more than enough for me.  Luckily I am able to go during the daytime which means a lot less people so I can get in, get on with my programme and get out.  I look forward to watching the weight slowly but surely disappear from my body.

Money Making On The Internet

My money making experiment continues.  I had a very successful October due to a Halloween inspired website I created. I love the True Blood books and television series so I set up a Sookie Stackhouse Costume website.  Lots of people ordered the tee-shirts, the apron, the shorts and blond wigs.  I look forward to increasing my earnings with my other websites so that I can eventually give up my job and finally be my own boss.

Thanks for stopping by My Daily Cuppa -Wish me luck.

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