Free ebook – How To Breathe New Life into a PLR Business

How To Breathe Life into a PLR BusinessI have just published a free case study report called How To Breathe Life into a PLR Business.

This is aimed at anyone who has started a PLR business and is looking for inspiration and motivation to get back to working on their website.

This report is also handy for anyone who is thinking about starting their own PLR business in order to make money online.

Why I Want to Make Money Online
I want to make money online because I want to create the lifestyle that I aspire to. I do not want to be rich and famous and I do not want to become eternally location independent, travelling the globe for months on end.

I just want to be able to make money doing the things that I enjoy and doing them on my own terms and timetable.

The aim of this blog is to discover the different ways that this is achievable and to share the experience and results with you. I hope to not only motivate myself to get things done, but to help show others whether it is possible to create the perfect work-life balance working on your own terms.

I expect to make lots of rookie mistakes along the way but the journey is sure going to be a lot of fun, especially if WHEN I achieve my goals.

Rebooting My PLR Business
PLR ATM - Make Money with PLRWith that in mind, one of the ways that I am looking at making money is by running a PLR business.

In a previous post (click here to read), I wrote about how I set up my PLR website by following Tiffany Dow’s course PLR ATM.

The course provided everything I needed and I got my site up and running. However, I didn’t see the progress that I had expected so I sort of lost my motivation to continue working on it. This is definitely not a push button, immediate money making business. It takes time to reach a really good level of income.

I know that this is a very profitable business model so I decided to give it another go. This is the year I decide whether to continue working on my site The PLR Boutique.

Why I Wrote This Case Study
I thought other people who were in the same predicament would be interested in this project so I documented what I was doing. The result is this case study report which explains the different steps I took to get my PLR business back on track.

This turned into a 20 page report and these are just some of the chapter headings.

  • Evaluate Your PLR Store
  • How I Outsourced My Writing Content
  • Proof Reading & Editing
  • Create Your WSO Ad
  • Publish & Promote Your Ad
  • Evaluate Your Results

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