Free Kindle Book – Sasha’s Monday Morning Routine by Victoria Virgo

Sashas Monday Morning RoutineToday I wanted to share my new book promotion with you.

Sasha’s Monday Morning Routine is now available to download for free from Amazon.

The promotion will last for 5 days from Friday 7th – Tuesday 11th June 2013 so grab a copy while you can.

What is This Book About?
I had fun writing this because it is (loosely) based on my own routine when I have to go out to work.

People who have seen me out there in the real world will recognise some of the references so it will be interesting to see the feedback that this little story gets. Here is the Amazon Book Blurb:

Sasha’s Monday Morning Routine

This woman knows that getting ready for work doesn’t have to be a drag, if you have a plan in place.

Do you have a regular Monday morning routine? Do you do the same thing every weekday morning when you have to drag yourself out of bed in order to get ready for work?

Well Sasha is a feisty black woman about town and she has got her Monday morning routine timed and primed down to the very last minute.

In Sasha’s Monday Morning Routine find out just what happens in those precious minutes between Sasha dragging herself out of bed and slamming that front door closed as she joins the masses and heads off to work.

While reading this short story, you will discover the following:

  • Why black women do not like to get their hair wet in the shower
  • What Tina Turner has got to do with Sasha’s shower routine
  • What is the deal with that Argos carrier bag?

Curious? Then download this fun story today.

At just under 3,500 words, this short story is the perfect thing to read on your lunch break or during your daily commute to work on the bus, the train or the tube. Enjoy.

How To Grab Your Free Copy
To download this book,simply click on one of the following Amazon links:

How To Read a Kindle Book Without a Kindle Reader

Where to Find Free Kindle Reading AppsFor those of you who do not own a kindle reader (that includes me), you can use one of the links below to download and read kindle books. These are free reading apps:

I Need Your Feedback Please
In order to make sales, it is really helpful for prospective buyers to read feedback and reviews. I would love it if you could let me know what you think about this little story by leaving a comment on the Amazon website. Thank you :)

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