Free Kindle – In The Park by Victoria Virgo

In The Park by Victoria Virgo - small kindle coverI am very pleased to announce that my book In The Park is now available to download for free from Amazon.

It will be free from today, Thursday 2nd May until Monday 6th May 2013. I decided to use all of the 5 days available.

What is In The Park About?
This is a short romance story and is my very first piece of fiction. This is the blurb that I wrote for the book description on Amazon:

In The Park
You never know what delights you could discover during your lunch break In The Park

Eve Maitland is an actress, waiting for her big break. While waiting for her moment in the spotlight, she makes a living as a temping secretary.

The highlight of her newest job assignment at Cobben and Co, apart from the photocopying, is her daily lunch break in the park where she encounters a very handsome young man.

Find out more about Eve and the stranger In The Park who leaves her feeling more than a little flustered.

At just under 4,000 words, this short story of romance is the perfect thing to read on your lunch break or your daily commute to work on the bus, train or the tube. Enjoy.

How To Grab Your Free Copy

To download this book,simply click on one of the following Amazon links:

How To Read a Kindle Book Without a Kindle Reader

Where to Find Free Kindle Reading AppsFor those of you who do not own a kindle reader (that includes me), you can use one of the links below to download and read kindle books.Β  These are free reading apps:

My Writing & Money Making Ambitions with Kindle Books
I really enjoyed putting this story together and have a couple more short stories that I hope to get published this month.

The aim is to create a bundle of stories that amount to 10,000 + words. Then I will sell them at $2.99. I think that this is the price point where the real money can be made. I am not sure if this particular story will be a one off or if I will develop it into a series. It all depends on where my imagination leads me.

I Need Your Help – A Pretty Please Request
Please HelpTo be a successful seller on Amazon, reviews really do help. I know that I like to find out what other people have thought about a product before I click the Buy Button.

I would therefore like to ask you to leave a review on the Amazon website, if you enjoyed this short story. It would really help, as well as be a lovely boost to my ego πŸ˜‰ Thank you.

My Lazy Girl Promotion Strategy
I wrote in a previous post that I am not a fan of working too hard on promotion. Check out 5 Ways to Promote Your Kindle Book The Lazy Girl Way.

This is because you can’t really tell what is effective and what is a complete waste of time. I have therefore streamlined the promotion process. Once I have done the following tasks, my promotional strategy is done and dusted:

  • Implemented the tasks outlined in the above lazy girl way post
  • Set up automated tweets
  • Added my book promotion to a few facebook groups
  • Added my book promotion to a few free book sites
  • Written this blog post
  • Had a cup of tea – tasty

In Closing
As I mentioned, this is my very first foray into the fiction arena. I am enjoying the process and this experience will be written up as part of my Kindle Book Case Study, which I will be offering for free to those who subscribe to my list. If you would like a copy, just add your email in the box below.

Thank you in advance for your support and let’s see how this experiment goes :)

Have Your Say: What type of kindle book promotion have you done for your own publications? Do you feel you know what works and what doesn’t? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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