Seeing An Old Friend

View of Canary Wharf

View of Canary Wharf

photo: Julian Mason

Another task I can tick off my 101 list.

Today I spent a lovely afternoon with an old friend, Keith, who I met while I was at University. We hadn’t seen each other in ages. He lives in Oxford and I live in London. He called me out of the blue and suggested that we meet so we got together at a nice Italian restaurant called Zizzi near Canary Wharf.Zizzi Restaurant
The sun was shining and the restaurant overlooks the Quay. We spent so much time catching up on all our news that we kept forgetting to look at our menus. I have to recommend Zizzi 100%. The food was fantastic. We shared starters of garlic bread and tomato & mozzarella salad, which I followed with a bowl of tiger prawns with linguine. Keith had ravioli. We ended our meal with mouth watering desserts. He had pannetone and butter pudding with ice-cream plonked on the top while I had the apple crumble with ice-cream on the side. I have been told that I have strange eating habits, but I don’t like to eat ice-cream once it has lost its consistency – which is why I like it on the side. My friend seemed to find this highly amusing but hey, I don’t like soggy puddings.

After lingering over our coffees, we set off for a leisurely walk and ended up strolling along the banks of the river Thames, passing different quays, wharves and converted warehouses, which are now swanky and expensive apartment blocks.

Our walk lasted over an hour and we passed Tower Bridge, The London Mayor’s building as well as the oldest pub in London called The Town Of Ramsgate pub where pirates were hung without trial.

Town of Ramsgate Pub

The Town Of Ramsgate Pub – Front

Town of Ramsgate Pub

The Town Of Ramsgate – Riverside View

It was a truly wonderful day where I got to learn a little bit more about the town I come from. I find that it is only when you have visitors from out of town that you tend to do the touristy stuff. I certainly look forward to many more friends coming to London in the not too distant future.

Photo Credit: Fin Fahey

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