George Clooney Film – Up In The Air

I am happy to say that I get to tick another one of the Oscar Nominated films for 2010 off my list.

I took advantage of the Orange Wednesday free cinema ticket offer to go with a friend to see Up In The Air featuring George Clooney.  It was a bittersweet film that I thoroughly recommend.

George plays a guy called Ryan Bingham. It is his job to travel from firm to firm in order to fire people.

He likes his way of life and enjoys the fact that he doesn’t have to put down roots anywhere as he is busy collecting air miles that he will never use in order to become a member of a very elite group.

His company want to automate the process of firing people by doing the job via a conference call over the internet.

It becomes Ryan’s responsibility to show the innovator of this new tool, Natalie Keener what it is really like to tell someone that they are surplus to requirements.

The film gives wonderful insight into to the different characters that are featured.  I was happy to see Anna Kendrick playing the hard nosed and feisty go getter, who believes that streamlining is the way of the future.  It was fun to see her playing a grown up after seeing her as a frivolous teenager in the movie Twilight.

It was also fantastic to see that George was paired with an age appropriate female partner.  The character of Alex Goran was played by Vera Farmiga.  She is a beautiful actress who I haven’t noticed before but hope to see more of in the future.

Although the film doesn’t have a happy ever after sugar coated ending with a pretty bow attached, it ends just as real life does,  with lots of loose ends which makes you wonder what you will do next.  It is definitely worth seeing and George certainly still has a twinkle in his eye.

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