Goals For May 09 – A Review

Goals for May 09

Here are the goals I set myself for May 2009:

  • Create 4 new hubpages – yes
  • Write two articles for each hub – 50%

My 101 Goals

  • Have a conversation in German
  • Sew an item of clothing

Have A Conversation In German

May has been a great month. I finally completed a dress that I started to make a few weeks ago. I was able to wear it to my friend’s wedding. She got married in Germany so I got to spend 4 glorious days in Frankfurt and was able to use my German skills to speak and read the language.

I was very happy to find that I was understood and that people didn’t immediately revert to speaking English to me as most English people aren’t given the chance to practice their language skills.

Sewing An Item of Clothing

I finished my dress for the wedding. It was a simple lilac number with a sash. I am glad I gave myself the deadline of this occasion otherwise it would still be on my bedroom floor, collecting dust. I like to start projects but sometimes find that it is difficult to complete them. This was therefore a great achievement.

My niche project work – I have made some more money during the month of May from my internet activities. Read more about this at my money making experiment site.

Coming up for the month of June – I have set out a few more goals I want to achieve. The most important is to enjoy life now. A friend of mine, Nikki, recently lost her dad. He had a sudden heart attack. It was a surprise to the whole family as he was as fit as a fiddle. This, as well as seeing my good friend getting married has spurred me on to take action on a couple of things. As I achieve these goals I will write about them.

I enter the month of June with great hope, enthusiasm and motivation.

photo credit: Ronnie44052

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