Goals For April 09 – A Review

Goals for April 09

Here are the goals I set myself for April and the results.

  • Create an ebook – yes
  • Type up surplus articles from notebook – yes
  • Test 2 keywords and create niche sites – yes
  • Write 10 articles for my money making experiment site – yes
  • Do 1 thing from my 101 list – yes

This month was spent writing lots for my niche sites. I discovered hubpages and decided to write a few articles on this site. It is a one page website and you can write about whatever you want. There is the ability to make money from Adsense, being an Amazon and eBay affiliate and adding other product links.

I have decided to use hubpages as the basis for my niche site experiment as the site is easy to use and creating a post is quick. I have also “met” some nice people within the hubpage community.

My Other Website – My Money Making Experiment

I originally started another website last year when I was first learning about the internet and online marketing. I wanted to record my money making activities but got distracted and demotivated so it was abandoned. However I have got my motivation back and have started writing posts for it. My Money Making Experiment will now be used to continue recording everything about my online money making endeavors.

Goals Achieved From My 101 List

  • Read 3 books

It was great to be able to tick off 2 more things from my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. I hope to be ticking off at least two more for the month of May. Wish me luck.

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