Goals for January 09 – A Review

setting goals

I set myself 7 goals to achieve this month. Here are the results.

  • Send off two job applications –   Done
  • Set up 3 websites  –   3 sites created
  • Earn something from this website –   $0.12
  • Earn something from my niche website – $0.82
  • Write an article for eHow.com – wrote 2 articles
  • Join a forum –  I have joined a book club forum
  • Get 2 subscribers to this blog – 1 subscriber

Goals achieved on my 101 list

  • Went salsa dancing
  • Read 4 books
  • Set up an automated savings plan
  • Set up a website

I am very pleased that I achieved something this month. This is proof that I have been less of a procrastinator which is a great leap forward for me. My earnings have come from adsense, which I hope will improve in the future. The 3 sites I have created include this one and one niche site.  I will hopefully add some affiliate products to improve my earnings. The 3rd site is for my sister’s offline business.  I will talk about that site at another time.

I have learned a lot from creating these websites but I now need to work on getting more visitors to the sites. That will be one of my tasks for February.  I have already made my check list for February so I hope my achievements will improve.

With regard to my 101 list, I am glad I went salsa dancing and am planning to go again next week. I am very happy that I am slowly ticking things off the list and I already have a couple of other things I plan to tick off the list for February.

Fingers crossed all will go well.  I am off for a well deserved cup of tea.

Nice cup of tea

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