Goals For June 09 – A Review

reviewing my goals for June 09

Here are the goals I set myself for June 2009 and the results

  • Start 30 Day Challenge Preseason – yes
  • Create 5 Hubs – created over 50
  • Publish all articles on my computer – not yet
  • Find out about travelling to South America – a little work started
  • Create a mini niche blog no

My 101 Goals

Create 50 hubs – created over 50

Buy mum a new pair of glasses – yes

Writing Frenzy Has Commenced

I have read 4 books this month which I am quite happy about due to the fact that other activities have taken up my time.  June has been filled with a lot of writing. I have been conducting a writing and money making challenge.  Read more at my money making experiment site.

I have been looking into the costs of doing a Spanish course and have found one in my area.  I need a little more information before I bite the bullet and sign up for it. I am still trying to decide where I would like to visit in South America but have spoken to a couple of people who have made interesting recommendations.

Goals for July are to, among other things, continue with my money making challenge and to settle on a Spanish course that is suitable.

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