Goals For March 09 – A Review

Goals For March 2009

Here are the goals I set myself for March 2009 and the results.

  • Increase average earnings on niche site “A” to $1.00 per day – $0.75
  • Expand conversion work on other niche sites – posts on all sites
  • Write 8 articles for article directories – 6 articles written
  • Add affiliate product to niche site “A” – Done

  • Making Money From My Niche Sites – Done

Work on my niche sites is going well. After a couple of false starts, I made a little list of what I wanted to do each day. I looked at the keywords people were using to find my sites and I wrote posts with these words in the title and throughout each post. I also added product links to each post so that there was a chance for me to make money from people either clicking on the Adsense or clicking and buying products. Most of my links are to amazon.com products as they a great variety of things to link to.

Keyword Experiment

I have added new posts to all my niche sites and will leave them to see how they perform. I have also started another keyword experiment. I have chosen two best selling products from Amazon, checked the popularity of corresponding keywords and written one post for each and two articles for each. Once these get published by Ezine Artices, I hope to see if I can get on the first page of Google. We shall see.

Goals achieved on my 101 list

  • Wrote 100 words a day about anything for 10 days
  • Saw a foreign film (with subtitles)
  • Read 3 books this month

I am happy that I achieved the goal of writing 100 words a day for 10 days. This was a test for me to see if I could set myself a timetable of writing and stick to it. This was a sort of a trial to see if I would be able to write something a little longer next time. I hope to write a book, nothing too long, too deep or too heavy but a book nonetheless. We shall see how that goes.

I was happy to find that the German film Good Bye Lenin! was on TV as it was a great opportunity to listen to German again. The film was sweet and the main actor Daniel Bruhl, gorgeous. I hope to see the French film Classroom soon.

This month I got through 3 books, one of which was The Secret. I hope to put into practice some of the lessons that it teaches. Stay positive, think good thoughts, be successful.

Well all I can say is Success, Here I come!

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