Goodbye 2009 – Hello 2010

Happy New Year

So we bid farewell to 2009 and welcome in 2010 and a new decade.

The past year hasn’t been a bad one for me.

  • I visited two different countries – Milan in Italy and Frankfurt in Germany
  • I reconnected with old friends
  • I attended a wonderful wedding
  • I read some great books
  • I saw some great movies
  • I went to some nice restaurants
  • I earned over £1,000 on the internet
  • I went on a date
  • I started doing some exercise
  • I still have a job that I enjoy most of the time
  • I have been able to tick a few things off my 101 list

Looking Forward To The Future

  • I want to tick more things off my list
  • I want to earn £1,000 per month on the internet
  • I want to visit Disneyland in Florida
  • I want to write a monologue
  • I want to just enjoy life.

I am looking forward to the challenges that will arise in this New Year.

Good luck to everyone who has set new years resolutions.

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