Harlan Coben Suspense Books – The Myron Bolitar Series

As an avid reader of suspense and drama, I was immediately drawn to the Myron Bolitar series of books written by Harlan Coben.  Once I find one book that I thoroughly enjoy, I always find out as much as I can about the author and start collecting everything else they have written.

The Myron Bolitar Series

The central character of these books is Myron Bolitar.  After the premature end of his career as a basketball player, he headed off to Harvard, got a law degree, became a sports agent and now runs his own company.

Myron has found a very unlikely sideline business as a private investigator because he finds himself helping out his clients in a number of tricky situations.  He is supported in this endeavour by his good friends and business partners Esperanza and Win Locke-Horne, a very intriguing figure.

There are currently 10 novels in the Myron Bolitar collection of books.  The first novel was published in 1995 when it was not only nominated but also won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original.

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The Author

Harlan Coben is a bestselling author from America.  He has written over 16 novels to date, which includes the Myron Bolitar series of books. He is best known as the author of compelling mysteries and thrillers which so far have been set in and around the areas of New York and New Jersey.

Why You Should Read These Books

If you enjoy reading books where you can try and work out who committed the crime as you go along, then these are the books for you.  There are plenty of twists and turns in each book and there is a lot of wit and humour too.

Myron is portrayed as a good looking guy who tries to play it cool but with a name like Myron he has a lot to do in order to impress the ladies, which he actually manages to do with some success.

Other Books by the Author

Harlan Coben has also written several stand alone novels.  These are also suspense dramas and feature new characters in each book.

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