How I Make Money Online

My Mini Empire – Still a Long Way To Go

The latter part of this week has been so busy, so I have been unable post a video for a couple of days  but I wanted to sketch out my thoughts about how I make money online.

Everyone wants to know how to make money online.  They want to find out the easiest and quickest way to earn a buck.  Well I have been trying this online game for a few years and I am definitely stuck in newbie land.  I have learned lots but I have never been able to reach the results of a multiple figure income.

Ever since I started blogging, I never really had any proper direction or focus.  I knew that I wanted to make money online but I wasn’t sure how.  I tried lots of different things. Some worked and some didn’t.  I found that I didn’t have the necessary skills required in order to move to the next level.  I also found that I didn’t enjoy pursuing stuff that didn’t interest me.

I did a quick check to see where and how I earned money online for the month of October 2012.  This is how it breaks down:

  • Amazon Sales (affiliate links on websites, Squidoo, Hubpages) = $200
  • Amazon Book Sales = $60
  • Google Adsense = $36

So the total comes in at around $296

This is a far cry from when I had multiple niche websites and high ranking Hubpages that earned almost $1,000 per month.  Then Google moved the goal posts so I had to rethink my strategy.

I got rid of all the niche sites that had tanked. The hubpages are still there and earn a little bit of pocket change each month. That’s the same for the Adsense earnings. I have my PLR site but I haven’t added any new content for a while and I haven’t felt motivated to work on this site.

I am happy to say that it was a pleasant surprise to see the figure for my short stories.  Making money with Kindle books has been fun. I enjoyed writing these little bookettes and it is lovely to see that the odd sale here and there can add up to $60.

What Now?

The reason for this post is because I need to make some concrete decisions about how I am going to increase my online earnings.  I want to ensure that I do stuff that I enjoy and provide things that people are willing to pay for.

I know that I want to do the following:

  • Continue creating Squidoo lenses – easy to do
  • Continue to write short stories for Kindle – fun little money makers

What Else?

I would like to add a few other options to my portfolio so that I can increase the potential for online earnings.

Guest Blogging?

I have been giving some thought to guest blogging.  I follow a couple of bloggers who are doing very well in this arena.  I am not sure how easy or hard it is to get these type of paying gigs though.

Info Product Creation?

I know that creating an info product can be a really good money maker.  Except I am stuck for ideas. What do I know that would be of value to others? What could I put together that people would be happy to pay for?

I know that I still haven’t found my niche yet and because of this, it is difficult to work out what direction or path I should follow and what type of people I should be trying to connect with. I think that once you can identify your purpose, this will lead to great ideas.

I will continue to ponder on the possibilities and we shall see where my thoughts take me. :)

Have Your Say: Have you identified your niche? Was it easy or did it take a while for you to figure out your purpose.  I would love to know what you think.

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