How To Create a Simple Website with WordPress

If you would like to know How To Create A Simple Website then the link above will send you to a website I set up that will provide you with a step by step guide to setting up your very own website.  Now is the perfect opportunity to take action if you have been stuck trying to work out the pros and cons of owning your own piece of the internet world.

The reason I created that website is so that people who are just starting out could find something to show them exactly how to get through the process of setting up a domain name and a hosting account. It may seem scary to begin with but with the right guidance, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

My Journey From free Websites to Owning My Own Blog

I created my very first website using a very strange software program that was difficult to use. It took me ages to put the thing together and I think I only ended up writing about two or three articles before I lost patience and deleted the whole thing.

Then I moved on to using and  These were both great but I kept reading about the benefits of owning your own domain.  There have been a few horror stories about people being locked out of their sites or having their content deleted without warning. This is fine if you have only just started, but imagine working diligently on a website for over a year, pouring your heart and soul into it and then logging in one morning to find the whole thing gone. Yikes.

Another reason I wanted my own website is so that the name didn’t end in or These can make the name of your site really long and difficult to remember.  Also if you are using it to promote your business, it looks less professional and may send the message that you are not fully invested in your venture because you will not spring for the cost of your own hosting.

Hello WordPress My Old Friend

The day I was introduced to the WordPress platform I have never looked back. I have created lots of different sites in different niches. There is still plenty to learn which would help to make my websites look even better but the great thing is that you can make changes whenever you like and as often as you like with no problem at all. This site,  My Daily Cuppa, has changed in appearance two or three times already and it will no doubt change again very soon.

Give Up A Latte for A Hosting Account

It isn’t expensive to set up your own website.  You need to pay for the domain name which will cost $5 – $10 per year and then you need hosting which is available for as little as  $5 per month.

So for the cost of a latte or two per month, you could create a wonderful website on whatever topic you choose.

Build The Foundation of Your Business or Hobby Site Today

Whether you are creating a website for your business or as a place to write about your hobby, you should definitely consider investing in a website name and hosting sooner rather than later.

Click on the link How To Create A Simple Website with WordPress and you could have your own WordPress website up and running in no time at all.

So tell me, is setting up your own website worth giving up a latte? Over to you.