How To Create Simple Images for Free for Your Blogs and Social Networking Sites

How To Create Simple ImagesToday’s post is about how you can create simple images to use on your blog or your social networking sites. I wanted a quick and free way to create images.

I decided to create a short slideshow, which you can see down below.

Add Images for Your Blog Posts in Super Quick Time
One way to make your blog stand out is to use eye catching images. There are several ways that you can create images and there are several sources where you can get and use royalty -free images.

One way that you can make a really simple image is to use a site called Pinstamatic. I have to thank the lovely Debi J for alerting me to this website.

As you can tell by the name the site was created so that people could create fun images to post on their Pinterest site. However, I have been using it to create quick and easy images for Facebook and for my Bubblews money making experiment.

Images You Can Create With Pinstamatic
Here are just a few of the image types that you can conjure up by using the Pinstamatic website. It is quick and easy to do. You can:

  • Create quotes
  • Create sticky labels
  • Create an image to include your Twitter account details
  • Create calendar date images
  • Create Google map images
  • Add captions to photos

The Images I Have Created Using Pinstamatic
The images that I have created with Pinstamatic have been used here on this blog, on my Facebook account and on my Bubblews account. The hardest thing is actually coming up with the idea of what you want to say. Putting the images together is super quick.

How To Create Images Using Pinstamatic in 4 Easy Steps
I made a little slideshow of how easy it is to use Pinstamatic.

That’s it. Very quick and simple to do. Go and have a try and let me know what you think. Have fun :)

Have Your Say: Have you heard of or used Pinstamatic? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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